Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tshirt remake

I saw this shirt about a year ago and absolutely fell in love with the idea. So like a lot of you, I promptly pinned it thinking that it would be one of those instant gratification projects that I love. But then I put the idea away but kept going back to it with the thought that I have plenty of scrap fabric and she really made it seem pretty straight forward.
Last week I was cleaning out some old clothes to donate. One of the first things I grabbed was a Tshirt...and then...I said NO! Now I can do that Tshirt makeover I saw! My normal "m.o." with these sorts of projects is not to measure and just jump right in. In this case it worked out perfectly!  I'm pretty broad shouldered and hate tightly fitted shirts. I hemmed what would become the sleeve end first, sewed the sides using a knit zigzag stitch and then hemmed the bottom of the cotton fabric even with the Tshirt. Since the fabric is stripped,  it's going to match several things in my closet and is loose fitting just like I wanted.
All in all...a win for me! And a big thanks to marieC on for the original post. It's filed under "fix for a too small tshirt".