Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sharpie tile tabletop

 Thrift store table with "Sharpie painted" tile top

I found this table at a local thrift store. I loved the iron legs but the top is made from a pressed board that had started to rot. I've seen Sharpie markers used for painting before but had never tried it. I thought this would be the perfect place to try it because the top of the table fits a 12 x 12 tile perfectly. 
I went to our local big home store and bought a 12 x 12 matte finish porcelain tile for about $1 and came home and went to town with the colors. Once the ink had set, I used an eye dropper and some rubbing alcohol which causes the ink to "run". If you drop salt on the tile before the ink has a chance to dry, it causes the spots that you see on the tile. I used sea salt on this tile and the size of the salt crystals will determine the size of the spots. Regular table salt will make smaller spots. The salt needs to be left on the tile until the alcohol completely dries and then brush it off lightly.
So to make this tile, you'll need:
1 12 x 12 matte finished porcelain tile
Sharpie markers
eye dropper
rubbing alcohol
Salt - either sea salt or table salt depending on the effect you're looking for

Here's a picture of the tile after it was dry.