Saturday, January 10, 2015

Coffee can yard lights

ICoffee can lights for the yard!

I've been saving metal coffee cans for a while now without having anything in mind to really do with them. I just knew I could use them for "something". (I know I'm not the only one out there that does that, right?)
I finally pulled them out the other day. I pulled out my Dremel and starting thinking about designs. I managed to drill our last name into one and once I put a candle inside, the effect was just what I was hoping for!
I first washed and dried the can. I used a fat Sharpie marker to write on the can knowing I would be spray painting the can later. I used the Dremel to drill holes for the outline of our name and some drainage holes in the bottom. Once the drilling was finished, I used a BBQ rated spray paint for the outside. Using sand to weight the can down, I inserted a candle and since I left the inside unpainted, the light really reflects well. I've done 2 others with just drilling holes in random areas that work well. I still have 2 others to play with and I think I need to find some easy shell designs for those. I plan on using some solar lights that way they can stay in the yard all the time.