Sunday, January 18, 2015

Holiday canvases with my Silhouette cutter Lighted Holiday canvas

I made this back during December when my granddaughter was visiting from SC. We ended up making 3 all together. We used the Silhouette cutter and some vinyl along with battery operated lights, acrylic paint and glitter glue from the dollar store. Once the pattern of choice was cut from the vinyl and applied to a plain white canvas, I used an eyelet setter to make the holes for the lights. Once I added the glitter glue to help hold the lights in place, they stood out even more. I used double sided tape to hold the battery box on to the back of the canvas. We made 2 others using the vinyl outlines as templates instead of the vinyl itself and painted them. The holes were made before painting just to make sure we had the placement right with the templates and to make sure that the canvas would hold up with the eyelet cutter. All in all, this was a very simple project and took 2 afternoons just to allow for the paint and glitter to dry. My granddaughter made a large Christmas tree that she gave to one of her other grandmothers as a Christmas present. And I'm sure it will be treasured as another of her handmade gifts. We really enjoy our time crafting and I look forward to her visits every few months!