Thursday, February 5, 2015

Marbles are not just for the kids!

I have this frame sitting on the night table in our guest bedroom. It was made with some leftover glass marbles and a simple glass frame. I used:
E6000 glue (LOVE this stuff!!)
Glass frame
Glass marbles/stones from the dollar store left over from other projects

I started by cleaning the glass to remove any oils and/or finger prints. I did a practice run to make sure I was happy with the design before I started gluing. Once you have your design in place, DON'T REMOVE THE GLASS STONES! You can glue them down one at a time as they lay on the glass. This stopped me from having pieces rolling everywhere as well as forgetting where I originally had them placed.
I used the E6000 on each piece of glass and kept the frame flat on the table while I waited on the glue to dry. I left the frame flat on the table overnight (min. 24 hrs for dry time). I "shook" the frame the next day to make sure everything was secure before I really stood the frame up.
I haven't hung this...the frame came with one of those stick posts that allows you to stand the frame up and still see through the glass. I'm not sure I would hang this on the wall due to the weight of the frame and glass but it looks great on the bedside table when the light shines through it.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Nail polish swirled glasses

We've all seen the posts using nail polish and dipping glassware to create swirls on the glass. Well...this is one of those time that was a Pinterest fail but a win in another way. Using shot glasses and wine glasses from the dollar store and nail polish from Wally World, we began trying this. We realized quickly that this wasn't going to work according to the photos and directions on Pinterest so we went in another direction completely. Again using my Silhouette, we cut initials, palmetto trees and some other shapes from vinyl to use instead. We used the outlines and stuck them to the glass. We then painted the interior of the stencil with nail polish and let it dry. Once it dried, we used a clear coat polish to add some shine and seal the colors. So far, my wine glass with the dots has held up well although I do hand wash it.

We did use cotton swabs and polish remover to clean up the excess paint where it was needed.
And if you look closely at the shot glass in the photo on the far left, you can see the original swirl idea and badly it worked. BUT we were happy with the hand painted results anyway and thought the glasses turned out nicely.