Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New dog collar for Penny!

                                   "Dress up" collar for Penny!
 First let me say we never thought we'd be the type of dog owners that needed to dress up our dog...HOWEVER...when I started looking at a new collar for Penny, I found nothing that really stood out as "Penny" and what I found was EXPENSIVE! So I got online and started looking for collar patterns. The pattern I used came from here. She has several dog related patterns. I found Country Brook Design that carries everything dog collar and leash related hardware and webbing to make your own. Not only do they carry a variety of sizes and styles, but their shipping is absolutely fantastic! (I received my order 2 days after it was placed.) The instructions are included in the package which makes this a complete "no brainer, instant gratification" sewing project. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon sewing project! With the exception of the buckle hardware, I did complete the whole project with leftovers from my sewing stash.
Included in my package was the following: 1" side release buckle, 1" triglide slide and 1" D-ring. (I ordered a 10 pack knowing that if it was really as easy as it looked, I could make several of these not only for Penny but for friends in the neighborhood as gifts.) The package also includes the measurements for the webbing or ribbon that you want to use and sewing instructions for the different stitch patterns you will need to know how to do.
This one was so easy that Penny can now have "party collars" just like I have a stash of "party cups"! The whole project took approximately 30 minutes from start to finish and was incredibly easy. If you decide to try this, my only suggestion would be to use your zipper foot. It made getting close to the buckles and slide much easier than using a regular sewing foot. I used some leftover felt flower "buttons" that I had left from another project just to dress it up a little. And it does give her a little "attitude" when she wears it on walks around the neighborhood.
My daughter has asked me about trying to use a heavy grade hook and loop tape on the base so she could use the same base but change out the ribbons along with the calendar. I think this is certainly doable and will keep you updated on the progress!