Friday, January 16, 2015


And this is our shiny Penny!
Snuggling and napping
Definitely not an early morning person!!

She's been an absolute joy to have here and just like us, is full of quirks...(I always say I'm not crazy I'm quirky!) She likes to kiss you awake in the morning and no man is left safe in the bed. Everyone has to get up and out of bed. Once she's been out to do her morning routine, she's very quick to jump on her quilt, snuggle under the closest blanket to make sure her head is in the dark, and is soon snoring again...UNTIL 8:00. Then it's breakfast time and she'll be pacing the floors looking at you like "Don't you get it?? Didn't you look at the clock? Where's my food?"
But we do love her dearly and she's a lot of fun to have here. She plays "hide and seek" with my husband in the house and what I've come to call "Get off the porch Penny" with me in the yard. It's our version of chase with her using the back door as her "base". We have a large yard that was slightly intimidating to her when she first got here so it took some encouragement to get her "off the porch" and running around. She seems to have picked up the phrase as a sort of invitation to play chase with me...which can make getting to the door interesting at times because she's a fast runner and loves to sneak up behind me and cut me off right before I hit the concrete! 
Like I said, we love having her here and she's been a wonderful attitude adjustment for me!