Thursday, January 15, 2015

Party lights!!

This is our bar room known to normal people as a dining room. When we bought our home back in 2005, we had 2 main requirements. My husband wanted a large kitchen and I needed a space for this bar. (He did the majority of the cooking at the time.)
My father was a contractor in Charleston for years as was my grandfather. He did some renovation work at one of the old yacht clubs in Charleston and was asked to remove the antique mahogany bar (why??). My mom fell in love with this corner piece and asked that my dad bring it home for her. He did. It was all good until they moved and didn't have enough space for it. She was going to ditch it until I begged her to hang on to it for me until I had a place for it...little did she know it would take years!
I really love this room...and the party glasses...and the lights...and just about everything in it makes me happy. I keep/make a party glass for just about any occasion as well as a great supply of fun party napkins.
I keep my wine corks as do most wine drinking crafters. I also have a tendency to pick up items at craft stores that are clearance items. (You never know when you might need them!) Going through my "stash" one day, I found a string of indoor Christmas lights that I had bought on clearance. When I did a search for "wine cork crafts" I found nothing that included lights. So here's what I did:

I took the lights, some eye hooks from the hardware store, jump rings, school glue and my corks and made me some party lights! I dipped the ends of the eye hooks into the glue and "screwed" them into each cork. I let the glue dry over night and then, using the jump rings, attached each cork between each light.

I used Command hooks to hang the lights to avoid any damage to the bar. It will also make removing the lights easy if I ever decide to change pong balls maybe? I've seen those done on Pinterest and think they would be awesome on colored lights! Maybe I need to look for a string of outdoor lights?