Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fabric Baskets

I've seen these baskets all over Pinterest and other craft sites. I've always found the project to be intimidating to try. BUT when I found this video on YouTube this morning, I went out and bought some clothesline at my local WalMart ($1.99 for 50 ft!). When I tried running the cording, uncovered at first, through my sewing machine it worked like a dream! I do need to get a stiletto (instead of using my seam ripper which I'm sure breaks any number of safety rules somewhere!!) to run the beginning of the basket under my zigzag foot. I'm also wondering if my walking foot wouldn't be a better option since I don't have a cording foot.  I'll post some pics once I get the basket started with the fabric covering the cording but she makes this project not near as timidating as I originally thought.

You should really look for CraftyGemini on YouTube. She has some great projects and her instructions are very simple to follow! You can find her here The Crafty Gemini