Monday, February 10, 2014

The Clock Tower

I love the Instructables website! They have some incredibly creative ideas. I made this mosaic with ceramic tiles and tissue paper with directions I found on the website. It's the clock tower at Clemson of course! It was made as another present for my hubby several years ago. Because it's done in steps, it was really easy to keep hidden from him. There was drying time involved so I used an old cookie sheet lined with wax paper and stored it under our guest room bed. He has it hung in his home office!
I also made one for our neighbors from a picture of their dog. For some reason, that one turned out to look more like a black and white photo. But I love the difference in the two...J's looks more like an architectural drawing and theirs looks more like a photo. (I'm not sure what I did differently other than maybe a different brand of tissue paper.)