Sunday, September 4, 2016

Napkin rings!

I will admit that I am cheap...not thrifty... cheap. After I finished the placemats, it was time for new napkins and napkin rings. I thought about making the napkins but the price of fabric makes it not the best price choice. I found new ones at Kohl's... clearance priced... paid for with Kohl's cash... meaning FREE! Love that!
Then I picked up the napkin rings next to them. $5.00 each for plain wooden rings. Not in my world 😞 I just can't do that.
So I looked through all the craft "crap" as my hubby lovingly calls it and found some thick cardboard tubes. Don't know why I saved them but I did. And thank goodness I did.
I cut the tube into 8 1-1/2" sections. Using just regular white glue spread all over each section, I wrapped each piece with cotton string and then glued a shell on each finished piece. From start to finish it took about an hour. Spreading the glue was messy but they sure we're worth it.
 They look great with the placemats and dishes and the best part? They were pretty much free since I had everything I needed on hand.
Love these!!