Monday, January 27, 2014

Learning to quilt...

Lately, I've been bored with my normal sewing projects. So I thought I would look into quilting. Several months ago I started to research the "how to's" on YouTube, Instructables, library books and internet searches. I've made 5 so far practicing on family and am now working on my 6th for my hubby. I will say one big thing I've learned is NOT to always listen to the salespeople at the big box craft stores. When I was buying fabric for the first quilt I picked out a fat quarter bundle of flannel. The clerk asked me what I was planning on doing with it and I said "make my first quilt". She quickly told me that I really needed to start with cotton not flannel due to it being harder to quilt with. brain either processes things backwards or she was wrong. So far, all of the quilts I've finished have been made from flannel. I find that it doesn't require all the pinning that cotton does and it seems to "stick together" better without pinning.
My point with all of this...try not to hesitate when approaching a new craft. I bought the first flannel on sale so there wasn't a large monetary investment. It saved me a lot of hesitation with "be careful... you don't want to throw away a lot of money on something that doesn't work".