Sunday, August 2, 2009

Muse's Corner

Jaye opened her store on July 25th! I have actually already had a couple of things sell! Let's hope it keeps up. While I love the Etsy site, there are so many talented crafters there it's more like a conference site for sellers than a place for buyers to buy. I've had a lot of constructive criticism for my store from others there and have made a few changes but have had not much luck in sales. (Personally, I've had more luck with EBay and craft fairs.
I've started making some ladies' handbags and checkbook covers and that's what's in Muse's Corner. They seem to be a quick and easy thing for me to make. Kind of like making the jewelry. I get some instant gratification from the sewing and that seems to be the big thing with holding my interest. I'll try to post some pictures later this week. I'd love some constructive thoughts on the colors and patterns that I'm using.
Jaye has so many different types of artists in her shop that it would be hard for you not to find something that suited your tastes. She has paintings, photographs, candles, jewelry, accessories, children's items and even homemade cakes and popcorn! The shop has several rooms all with items beautifully displayed.
If you're ever in the Jacksonville area, you really should take the time to visit. She's located right next door to Biscotti's Restaurant on St. Johns Avenue in the historic Avondale area.