Sunday, March 15, 2015

I finished lots of stuff this weekend!!

Here's a pic of one of the completed tile photos. They're both now dry, framed and ready to gift! I hope they like them and hopefully, they will be a great remembrance of pets that have become necessary family members for both my niece and our friend.
(My apologies for the photo...I'm not good at that part and my sister who is lives in SC while I'm in FL. Go figure!  :)  Maybe one day I'll figure it out and they'll get better for you.)

I also finished Penny's coat (now that's been hitting the mid 80's here. Thanks to my hubby to explaining that part to me yesterday after the coat was finished. But I'm hoping for one more chilly day so she can wear it at least once.) along with a new collar that now includes the ability to change her look without owning 25 collars. I love this idea and many thanks to my daughter, Emy, for the idea. She is creative in her own right but on a way different level than I am. One day I'll walk around the house and take some photos of her work and post them for you. 
Pictures and instructions for the collar and blanket to come later...maybe even good photos!