Thursday, February 5, 2015

Marbles are not just for the kids!

I have this frame sitting on the night table in our guest bedroom. It was made with some leftover glass marbles and a simple glass frame. I used:
E6000 glue (LOVE this stuff!!)
Glass frame
Glass marbles/stones from the dollar store left over from other projects

I started by cleaning the glass to remove any oils and/or finger prints. I did a practice run to make sure I was happy with the design before I started gluing. Once you have your design in place, DON'T REMOVE THE GLASS STONES! You can glue them down one at a time as they lay on the glass. This stopped me from having pieces rolling everywhere as well as forgetting where I originally had them placed.
I used the E6000 on each piece of glass and kept the frame flat on the table while I waited on the glue to dry. I left the frame flat on the table overnight (min. 24 hrs for dry time). I "shook" the frame the next day to make sure everything was secure before I really stood the frame up.
I haven't hung this...the frame came with one of those stick posts that allows you to stand the frame up and still see through the glass. I'm not sure I would hang this on the wall due to the weight of the frame and glass but it looks great on the bedside table when the light shines through it.